We would like to thank everybody who has offered us a helping hand in the creation of The Big Internet Museum.

Very special thanks to:


Jorn Kruijsen & Jeroen van de Sande – For their support and always believing in us. Cheers!

Bas Engels & Yacco Vijn – For your creative spirit and advice.

Caroline Dreesman – Your beautiful voice sold it all.

Anton-Jan Thijssen & Olger Smit – Our social media and PR gurus.

Wesley ter Haar – The museum wouldn’t be here without you.

Ives van Neck – For keeping the project together.

Chris Herrebrugh – For helping us out. In the evenings as well.

Michiel Kreijger – The best host in the world.

Sander Volleman – For your witty copy and advice.

Bart van de Winkel – For your writing skills and Internet insights.

Gert Jan Timmer – Our mediator who always believed in us.

Mario Piepenbrink – Need tech advice? Mario is your man.

Benjamin Leleu – Merci beaucoup, Ben!